Feb 12, 2015

Commission seeking Park County events coordinator

Park County commissioners want to add a new position to coordinate all the events hosted on county property — and specifically in the new multi-purpose facility being constructed at the Powell fairgrounds.

At their Feb. 3 meeting, commissioners indicated they’re all on board with creating the position; they said that having to handle a growing number of large events has eaten into the time of multiple staffers.

“We have events going all over Park County,” said Commissioner Loren Grosskopf, adding, “It’s always been an issue: Who’s going to work on coordinating all the things that have to go on on county property when we have events.”

Commissioners cited recent events hosted on the grounds of the Park County Complex in Cody — including serving as the staging area for a large bicycle tour, a display of American flags and a beer festival.

But chief in their minds was the Park County Fairgrounds’ new $3.1 million multi-purpose building, scheduled to be finished this summer.

Park County commissioners (from left) Bucky Hall, Lee Livingston, Tim French, Joe Tilden and Loren Grosskopf are shown in their official county photo
“It’s kind of one of those things: If you build it, they’ll come,” offered Commission Chairman Joe Tilden. “We’re building it, and now we need somebody to get them to come.”

The responsibility for booking fairgrounds facilities has rested with fairgrounds staff, but Commissioner Bucky Hall said that “in all likelihood” the commission would have the events coordinator take over those duties.

Other tasks likely would include serving as the main point of contact for folks looking to use county facilities, handling any problems that arise with events, processing paperwork and being responsible for setting up public meetings for the county.

Hall and the rest of commission believe it will be a full-time position.

“(There will) probably be times where it’s not a full-time job, but there will be times when it’s about a 100-hour-a-week job,” he said.

Beyond freeing up the time of the various staff who now handle event coordination, commissioners want to see more events booked at county facilities.

“The events that everyone’s talking about are events basically that have come to us and said, ‘Hey, we’d like to be here,’” said Commissioner Lee Livingston. “But an events coordinator could go out and find, actively search for more events.”

Commissioner Tim French noted the new, larger fairgrounds building will allow the county to host different events than it has in the past, adding, “We want to fill thing with a lot of events if we’re going to spend that kind of money.”

Hall and French are writing a job description for the position. They’re due to report back to the full commission at its Feb. 17 meeting.

French said he’d like to see an events coordinator on board by April or May.


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