Feb 10, 2015

Flag display to move to city park, courthouse

A massive display of American flags will fly near the Park County Courthouse as part of a Flag Day celebration and fundraiser.

For the last three years, the flags for Cody’s annual Field of Honor event flew at the Park County Complex, but event organizers are moving things downtown this summer.

The flags flown in the Field of Honor are purchased in honor of veterans, first responders or local heroes, with part of the proceeds benefiting the planned Cody Heritage Museum.

Flag sales were great the first year, somewhat less the second year and down quite a little bit last year, said organizer Jenny Zink. The hope is that moving the display to Cody’s City Park and near the Park County Courthouse will boost sales and interest.

The 2014 Field of Honor was flown on the grounds of the Park County Complex. Photo by CJ Baker
The spot has the added benefit benefit of being next door to the historic DeMaris house, where the new museum will actually be housed. The commissioners were on board with the change.

“I think it’d be quite impressive to see those flags out in front of our courthouse and really neat,” said Commissioner Lee Livingston.

Agreed Commissioner Loren Grosskopf, “I think the taxpayers of Park County would be honored to have the flags flying out there.”

Museum organizers hope to have the facility open by the summer of 2016 and plan to kick off a major fundraising campaign in April.

“By this summer, I’m hopeful that it really begins to show some progress and we can explain to people that we are moving along,” said Marge Wilder, one of the leaders of the new Cody museum.


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