Feb 5, 2015

Mysterious bundle turns out to be soap, not dope

A suspected package of drugs recently found southeast of Powell turned out to be filled with stuff more likely to get you clean than high.

This was not a bag of drugs, but of soap. Photo courtesy Park County Sheriff's Office
A Wyoming Department of Transportation survey crew came upon the suspicious baggie on the morning of Jan. 21, located in a ditch along Lane 14 near the Willwood Dam.

Initially, the responding Park County Sheriff's deputy thought the baggie held either methamphetamine or cocaine, said Lance Mathess, a spokesman for the sheriff’s office. But after bringing the bag to the Park County Annex for testing, the deputy noticed the contents didn’t look quite like drugs — instead appearing moist and flaky — and it smelled like hand soap.

“All field tests on the substance were negative, leading the deputy to conclude that it was, indeed, ordinary hand soap,” Mathess said.

Park County Sheriff’s Lt. Dave Patterson said it’s not uncommon for people to sell “bunk” — or fake drugs — to unwitting customers, and he figures that’s what happened here.

“I suspect when the client discovered the scam, he or she simply discarded the baggie by tossing it out the window of their vehicle,” Patterson said.


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