Feb 12, 2015

Prosecutor’s office at half-staff with Krone in Cheyenne

For the second time in four years, the Park County Attorney’s Office is a bit short on prosecutors.

The attorney’s office is spending a couple months with only two of the usual four deputy prosecutors.

That’s because deputy county attorney and state Rep. Sam Krone is representing the Cody area in the legislature until early March and deputy county attorney William “Billy” Struemke is no longer with the office.

Their absences leave deputies Tim Blatt and Jim Davis to prosecute cases, along with their boss, County Attorney Bryan Skoric.

“Obviously, it’s extra work for everyone, but you know it’s the old saying: Nobody’s complaining about government people working harder,” Skoric said Monday. “We’re doing fine. Everybody’s picking up the slack and we’re moving forward.”

That’s about the same thing Skoric said in January 2011, after Struemke’s predecessor left while Krone was legislating in Cheyenne. As he did four years ago, Skoric plans to wait until Krone returns before filling the post.

“Everybody’s picking up the slack and we’re moving forward,” said Skoric.

“Quite frankly, right now it would be more work” to go through the hiring process while short-staffed, Skoric said.

Krone began his third term as a legislator on Jan. 13.

Struemke, meanwhile, started his own Cody law firm after departing the county on Jan. 15. He said in a recent interview that he’d begun to wonder how much further he could go in his position at the county attorney’s office, where he mainly handled matters involving juveniles, families and involuntary hospitalizations for people with mental illnesses.

“You always become a little worried when you’re ... specializing like I was,” Struemke said. Soon after announcing his new practice — called Serviam Legal Services — he said he was getting requests to represent people in litigation ranging from medical malpractice to product liability.

A screenshot of Struemke's new website
While he’s excited to be handling a variety of cases, Struemke said his niche is with family and criminal law.

“The reality is, I like the stories,” Struemke said.

For example, “Let’s hear about how you really love your kids and you want to protect them,” Struemke said, or “Let’s hear about the night that somebody did something really stupid and then the cops showed up and maybe violated your rights” or maybe explain how you did something wrong, but why you deserve leniency.

“That’s the kind of stuff that I’m going to love doing,” Struemke said.

He continues to serve on the Cody school board (having been elected in November) and with the Wyoming Army National Guard, where he’s served for more than 20 years.


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