Mar 24, 2015

Park County Complex getting new parking lot

The Park County Complex is getting a new and improved parking lot for a lower price than the county expected.

Potholes like these are part of the reason why the parking lot is being redone.
Commissioners on Tuesday accepted a $260,781 bid from Harris Trucking of Cody to remove and replace around 12,000 square yards of asphalt and put in new curb and gutter.

Harris Trucking's bid was nearly $80,500 cheaper than the other bidder, Warton Asphalt of Billings, and close to $30,000 less than what the county staff had guessed it would cost.

“That’s excellent,” said Commission Chairman Joe Tilden.

The county had considered doing part of the asphalt removal and hauling with its own road and bridge crews, but ultimately found wouldn’t have been any cheaper, said staff engineer Jeremy Quist.

Commissioner Bucky Hall noted that doing the work in-house would have also taken the county crews away from their normal jobs.


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