Jun 2, 2015

24-hour 'BioBlitz' to search for plants and animals at Heart Mountain Ranch

You're invited to team with biologists and scour the Heart Mountain Ranch Preserve for plants, animals and fungi during this month's Wyoming BioBlitz.

Set for June 13-14, the BioBlitz will have scientists, teachers, volunteers, environmental educators, and community members joining forces to find and document as many species as they can within the 24 hour period.

Teams will comb over Heart Mountain in two subgroups -- an expedition that will trek to the top of the mountain and another group that will explore around Alkali Creek -- while others will work around ranch headquarters along Eagle Nest Creek.

Anyone is welcome to participate in the free, highly hands-on event, but interested folks must register by Monday, June 8, at www.wyomingbiodiversity.org/bioblitz-2015.

A spotted towhee is released during last year's BioBlitz at Red Canyon Ranch. Photo courtesy The Nature Conservancy
The Wyoming BioBlitz has been running each year since 2008, beginning in Shirley Basin and hosted in a different location each year.

Last year’s BioBlitz at Red Canyon Ranch outside of Lander attracted nearly 100 people from throughout Wyoming and northern Colorado and resulted in a list of approximately 200 species found and documented.

In addition to searching for and tracking organisms, the BioBlitz emphasizes education, too. Biologists leading the activity (such as bird mist-netting or amphibian catching) describe the natural history, life cycle, identification and other fun facts about plants and animals they find.

The event is organized by the University of Wyoming Biodiversity Institute, Audubon Rockies and The Nature Conservancy in Wyoming.


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