Jul 17, 2015

Man serves seven months in jail for stabbing girlfriend

Stabbing his girlfriend in the leg resulted in seven months in jail and now five years of supervised probation for a Cody man.

Andrew Manginelli, 24, received the sentence from District Court Judge Steven Cranfill last month after pleading guilty to a felony count of aggravated assault and battery.

Park County Prosecuting Attorney Bryan Skoric unsuccessfully argued for Manginelli to serve a four- to six-year prison sentence.

Judge Cranfill sided with Manginelli’s public defender, Brigita Krisjansons of Cody, and instead suspended the prison time in favor of the probation.

Andrew Manginelli
In letters submitted to the court, members of Manginelli’s family in Oregon said he’d be better off receiving counseling and needed medication under their watch than being imprisoned in Wyoming.

Manginelli stabbed his girlfriend in late October at their A Street apartment in Cody, according to court records.

She reported the attack to Cody police in mid-November, after a separate incident where Manginelli battered her.

His girlfriend said the October incident began when she saw Manginelli receive a “a ‘sexted’ picture from a girl” on his phone, wrote Cody Police Sgt. Juston Wead in an affidavit used to support the aggravated assault charge.

The woman said Manginelli denied getting any sexual texts and, during the ensuing fight, pushed her head into the wall, Wead wrote.

Manginelli later followed her into a bathroom with a knife in hand, the affidavit says. He initially acted as though he was going to stab the woman in the head or upper body, but then stabbed her in the thigh, the woman reportedly told Wead.

When she screamed, Manginelli told her to shut up, that it didn’t hurt and “it just poked you,” the woman told police.

When she screamed, Manginelli told her to shut up, that it didn’t hurt and “it just poked you,” the woman told police. Manginelli later felt bad and tried cleaning the bleeding, one-inch long wound with toilet paper and bought some bandages, Wead wrote of the woman’s account.

Manginelli initially told Wead the only thing he’d ever stabbed was an air mattress, but later admitted he’d cut his girlfriend’s leg, the affidavit says. Manginelli recalled swinging around his roughly 14-inch blade after becoming angry that she’d wrongly accused him of sexting, Wead wrote.

The sentence was issued June 17. Manginelli received credit for the 210 days he’d served in jail from his Nov. 19 arrest to the sentencing.

He must also pay $245 in court fees and assessments.


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