Aug 12, 2015

Bear runs into motorcyclist on Beartooth Highway

Why did the bear cross the road?

Probably just to try getting to the other side, but the animal instead collided with a motorcycle as it crossed the Beartooth Highway on Monday evening.

A Florida couple had been about six miles southeast of Cooke City, Montana — and about two miles inside Wyoming — when a bear ran out onto the road and “right into the side of them,” said Wyoming Highway Patrol Trooper Scott Hall.

The collision occurred southeast of Cooke City. File photo courtesy Rich Davis
Motorcyclist Vincent Doser, 63, and his wife, Donna Doser, 66, were able to keep the bike upright, but they suffered some relatively minor injuries to their left legs from the impact, Hall said.

Local emergency responders were paged around 5:45 p.m.

An ambulance from Yellowstone National Park picked up the Dosers and rendezvoused with a crew from West Park Hospital, who then took the couple to receive treatment in Cody, Hall said.

The bear appeared not much worse for wear.

“It was down for a little bit, then it got up and ran off into woods,” Hall said of the couple’s account.

The motorcycle also fared pretty well, emerging with only a broken turn signal lens, a small bit of chipped chrome and some tufts of bear fur, Hall said.

Vincent Doser told the trooper he believed the hit-and-run bruin was a black bear.

Hall called the incident “a strange one.”

“This is the first one I’ve covered in 15 years, but I know other troopers (have) covered one before, too,” he said of bear-motorist collisions.


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