Aug 17, 2015

City officials: Please keep your sidewalks tidy

City of Cody officials are reminding folks that it's their responsibility to keep their sidewalks looking spic and span.

“If you go outside and you see that your sidewalk needs to be swept, if you would do that, that would encourage people to utilize the nice sidewalks that we have all along our corridors and in our residential areas,” Cody Public Works Director Steve Payne said during the Aug. 4 city council meeting.

Clean sidewalks boost Cody's appeal, city officials say. Cody News Co. photo by CJ Baker
Payne said he brought up the topic after a citizen called to say, “Cody really shines when we all work together” and asked him to remind people of their sidewalk responsibilities.

Cody Mayor Nancy Tia Brown said she'd recently been asked to explain why locals take so much pride in their properties.

“My answer was, it’s been that way for a very long time, and the reputation builds and the expectation builds,” Brown said. “The pride in the way our city looks, I believe, is shared by most of our residents, and as a result, our city makes a stellar impression on people when they enter.”

“So, thank you all for doing what you do to make our city beautiful,” the mayor said.


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