Aug 12, 2015

Governor's office seeking locals' thoughts on state's energy strategy

If you've got some opinions about how the state of Wyoming should manage its energy resources,
tonight would be a prime to share them.

Gov. Matt Mead
Governor Matt Mead's office is putting on a public meeting at the Park County Library from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m., seeking input on new energy initiatives for Wyoming. It's being co-hosted by Park County commissioners and is part of the governor's effort to update a comprehensive energy plan for the state.

"Anyone interested is encouraged to come and discuss ideas that should be incorporated into the updated strategy," said a news release from Mead's office.

The first version of the strategy, called Leading the Charge, Wyoming’s Action Plan for Energy, Environment and Economy, was released two years ago.

Guiding principles of the state strategy include:
  • being a leader in developing, producing, generating and exporting energy
  • maintaining and growing the state's jobs, economy and share of the energy market
  • finding new ways to add value to the state's raw resources
  • creating affordable, abundant and reliable power
  • being standard-bearers in responsible development
  • conserving the state's natural resources and heritage

“I said when I announced the energy strategy that it is designed to be regularly revised, updated and integrated into budgeting and planning,” Governor Mead said in the news release. “The past two years have seen many successes and we want to build on them. The purpose of these meetings is to review existing initiatives, to identify additional initiatives in order to support energy development, balanced with sound environmental stewardship.”


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