Aug 11, 2015

Grizzly spotted north of Cody; authorities urge bear awareness

Sometime between Sunday and Monday, a grizzly bear appears to have gotten into garbage bins at multiple homes just north of Cody.

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department is urging area residents, near the Cottonwood Creek drainage, to secure their garbage and livestock feed and keep on the lookout for bears while department personnel work to deal with the issue.

The department says it got the first call of possible bear activity on Sunday morning and, through tracks at the scene, was able to confirm a grizzly had gotten into some garbage. That was about five miles north of Cody. More reports of a bear getting into trash were made and confirmed on Monday, the department said in a Tuesday morning news release. Residents on Road 2ABN, more than a mile north of city limits, said in Facebook posts that the bear had visited their properties.

It's an area that hasn't had confirmed grizzly bear sightings before and the Game and Fish says it's “actively investigating the situation and is taking action to resolve conflicts,”

The department is asking people in the area to stay aware and report bear sightings or bear activity to the Cody Game and Fish Office at 307-527-7125.

“People should be aware that a grizzly bear may be present in residential areas along the Cottonwood Creek drainage north of Cody and take appropriate precautions,” Large Carnivore Biologist Luke Ellsbury said in the news release. “For the time being, we are asking property owners to secure attractants such as garbage and livestock feed to reduce the likelihood of the bear being drawn to a specific area. Game and Fish recommends that those in the area travel in groups, carry bear spray, and make noise to alert a bear of your presence.”

Ellsbury thanked the public for their support and cooperation while the department tries to resolve “any potential issues between bears and humans.”


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