Aug 6, 2015

Human-caused fire west of Dayton grew Wednesday, but is now 10 percent contained

Warmer, drier weather Wednesday afternoon brought some growth to the Sheep Creek Fire west of Dayton, but crews now have the wildfire 10 percent contained.

The fire area, in the Tongue River Canyon, grew by 40 to 100 acres on Wednesday for a total size of approximately 1,050 acres.

“The firefighters are doing an amazing job out there, especially considering the rough terrain in which they are located,” Incident Commander Dick Terry said in a Thursday morning statement. “The incident team is doing an excellent job at keeping this fire relatively small while keeping costs low.” 

Firefighters worked to contain the Sheep Creek Fire on Wednesday. Courtesy photo

Fire crews next plan to reinforce and finalize a fireline, connecting it to natural features such as the canyon's rock outcroppings.

The fire started on Sunday as a result of some kind of human activity, officials have said.

Between 40 and 50 trailers and campers are parked not too far from the fire area to move them and Bighorn National Forest officials continue to ask for their owners to come move the vehicles. The trailers are along on Forest Roads 184 and 185, in the Sawmill Flats area, and in the Freeze Out Point area.

The Amsden Wildlife Habitat Management Area is closed to the public, as are Sheridan County roads 90 and 92 at their junction west of Dayton. Forest Service Trail 002 is also closed between the Bighorn National Forest boundary to the junction with Forest Service Trail 159.

A large group of cooperators are managing the fire.


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