Sep 10, 2015

Another small wildfire starts in Yellowstone

Lightning has started a small wildfire in Yellowstone National Park; it's the second one now burning in the park.

The Spruce Fire is "smoldering and creeping through" a wooded area about 10 miles west of Fishing Bridge and two miles south of Hayden Valley, the National Park Service said in a Thursday news release.

Park managers say the Spruce Fire is "smoldering and creeping through a mixed conifer forest." Photo courtesy National Park Service

As of Thursday, it was estimated to be about a tenth-of-an-acre in size. The Spruce Fire "is not threatening any structures or roads and will be monitored by park fire crews and allowed to play its natural role in the ecosystem," the park service said.

The park service said the fire was likely started by storms that passed through the area at least five days ago. Yellowstone personnel discovered it Wednesday as they flew over the area in a helicopter.

Meanwhile, the 5L4 fire continues to burn slowly on the Promontory Peninsula at the south end of Yellowstone Lake. Reported Aug. 24, it has burned across 16 acres, the park service said. Backcountry campsites 5L3, 5L4, and 6A1 continue to be closed because of the 5L4 fire.

The Spruce Fire has not caused any closures.

Yellowstone National Park's fire danger is currently “High.”

Some 43 large fires or complexes of fires are burning in six states across the west, the park service said.

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