Sep 16, 2015

Is your child's car seat properly installed? Find out Saturday

Safety experts are urging parents to make sure their children's car seats are properly installed, as a part of Child Passenger Safety Week.

Safe Kids Park County is offering free car seat inspections from nationally certified technicians on Saturday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Denny Menholt Chevrolet in Cody.

Safe Kids Worldwide is also encouraging parents to register their car seats or check them online for any possible recalls.

“The single best way for parents to learn about a recall is to register their car seat with the manufacturer. Unfortunately, this important first step doesn’t happen nearly enough,” Lillian Brazelton, Safe Kids Park County coordinator, said in a news release.

As an example, more than 6 million car seats were recalled last year because of safety problems, but fewer than half were brought in for repairs, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says.
Hoping to figure out why so few recalled car seats are repaired, Safe Kids Worldwide recently conducted a study that found only 42 percent of parents filled out and returned the registration card with their child's car seat.

“That means that on average, six out of 10 parents risk not hearing about a car seat recall in the most timely and dependable manner – directly from the manufacturer,” Safe Kids Worldwide said in a news release.

“During Child Passenger Safety week, we want to remind all parents to register their car seats and take action when a recall occurs. This is a cost-free remedy the manufacturer provides — and must provide — to protect your child,” Brazelton said.

In addition to filling out and mailing in the registration card that comes with the car seat, you can also register at and check to see if a seat's been recalled at

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