Sep 3, 2015

Sheriff warns residents of possible door-to-door asphalt scam

The Park County Sheriff's Office is warning people to be on the lookout for a possible scam involving asphalt paving.

Sheriff's office spokesman Lance Mathess said several county residents have complained about the tactics of work crews who are going door-to-door and offering to pave driveways.

The crews offer exceptionally low prices, claiming that the asphalt is left over from a previous job, 
Mathess explained in a Thursday news release. However, once the work is done, the crew raises the price and, in several instances, the work has been substandard, he said.

Make sure you're using a reputable paving crew, like the one shown above in Wapiti. Cody News Co. file photo by CJ Baker
In one instance, a local man agreed to have the crew pave his driveway for $3 per square foot, but then quadrupled the rate to $12 per square foot when they finished, Mathess said. The crew reportedly got away with it because they approached the resident's wife for payment. Because she hadn't known about the original agreement, she paid them in cash and they went on their way.

In the news release, Sheriff Scott Steward warned residents to always do business with a reputable company and always get a written estimate and/or contract prior to any work being started. He also says to be wary of door-to-door contractors who offer services at a extremely low prices, as most reputable companies don't do business that way.

“The bottom line: if it appears to be too good to be true, it usually isn’t (true),” Steward said in the release.

There are varying descriptions of the vehicles and persons involved in the scam, Mathess said.

If you're approached by these contractors, you can report them to the sheriff’s dispatch center at 307-527-8700.


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