Sep 18, 2015

Video catches five bears roaming around North Fork cabin

Wildlife managers have been saying there’s a lot of bear activity up on the North Fork of the Shoshone River — and here's some convincing proof.

Kelly Christensen, a Powell doctor, recently shared a video taken by a surveillance camera at his North Fork cabin. The footage, captured in mid-August, shows no less than five bears scampering around Christensen's place.

Ok, we have enough bears addition to these 5 the camera at the cabin also recorded a lone boar and a black bear. 7 bears in one place in 3 weeks is enough already.

Posted by Kelly Christensen on Saturday, August 29, 2015

Christensen's cabin is a couple miles west of the Clearwater Campground. In addition to the five bears shown in the clip, the camera also recorded a grizzly boar and a black bear roaming around the cabin within a span of a few weeks.

A screenshot from the Christensen's video shows four of the bruins.
“Maybe it’s just me, but seven bears in one front yard in three weeks seems like a lot of bears,” Christensen said in a message, quipping, “Doesn’t really make you want to step outside for a quick bathroom break just before heading to bed.”

He added that the scene could have happened anywhere in that general area.

“I hunt deer on the North Fork in the fall and it’s nearly impossible to walk up a ridge or creek that time of year and not see fresh grizzly tracks,” Christensen said.


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