Nov 9, 2015

Cody man catches ‘jackalope fight' on camera; photos go viral

It's not everyday that you see sparring jackalopes.

But JR Robison of Cody was "lucky" enough to capture the rare event on Saturday and posted a series of photos on his Facebook page.

"BIG Jackalope fight in the front yard this morning," he wrote.

Jackalopes lock antlers in this photo captured near Cody. Photo courtesy JR Robison
 The post soon went viral with more than 2,300 shares as of Monday morning. Robison said he was "completely surprised" by the number of shares.

Another angle of the fight. Photo courtesy JR Robison
Many Facebook users shared in the fun, posting tongue-in-cheek comments.

"Those little buggers will attack you if you're not sneaky enough," wrote Rod Morrison, remarking that it's the closest he's ever seen anyone get to a buck fight.

Others noted it is jackalope rut season, and marveled at Robison's luck at capturing the moment.

"Have not seen a jackalope rut since the 80's....," wrote Barry Hess. "Thank God Obama saved them from extinction."

The post made others scratch their heads.

"I thought jackalopes were a fake animal," one Facebook user wrote.
"So are those real because I just Googled jackalope an it's says it's an American fokelore," another commented. "What the hell I'm sooooo confused."

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