Nov 12, 2015

Cody woman re-arrested for another altercation over her cat

For the second time in two weeks, a Cody woman has been arrested on allegations that she angrily (and falsely) accused a neighbor of stealing her cat.

On Monday, a judge ordered Maureen "Michelle" Nesbit, 68, to be held in jail for the time being and to undergo a mental evaluation.

Maureen Nesbit
Cody police arrested Nesbit on Sunday afternoon on a charge of breach of peace. Charging documents indicate that the circumstances were nearly identical to Nesbit's Oct. 27 arrest, when she allegedly screamed at a neighbor and kicked his door because she believed he had stolen her cat. (She later found the animal in her apartment, telling police she still believed the neighbor had stolen it, but had put it back.)

Nesbit had been arrested after the October incident as well, but was released from the Park County Detention Center on Nov. 4 when a family member posted $750 bail.

However, on Sunday — just four days after bonding out — the situation repeated itself.

Once again, Nesbit called Cody police to report that her neighbor had stolen her cat and once again the neighbor called to report Nesbit was disturbing him.

Responding Cody Police Officer Scott Burlingame first went into Nesbit’s apartment in the Pioneer Avenue complex.

“As soon as I walked in, I saw Nesbit’s cat,” Burlingame recounted in an affidavit filed in support of the new misdemeanor charge. “I told Nesbit her cat obviously had not been stolen as it was in her apartment."

The neighbor told Burlingame he'd heard a noise in the hall and opened the door to find Nesbit standing there. The neighbor said Nesbit became very angry, yelled at him and accused him of stealing her cat, Burlingame wrote.

“I told Nesbit her cat obviously had not been stolen as it was in her apartment,” recounted Cody Police Officer Scott Burlingame.

Meanwhile, a friend of the neighbor’s told police that Nesbit accused him of pumping “poison gas” into her apartment and swore at him as he took out his trash. The friend said Nesbit aggressively “came at me” before he told her to go back to her apartment, Burlingame wrote.

For her part, Nesbit told the officer she’d just been standing in the hall when the neighbor opened his door.

“I was walking down the hall, looking for my cat,” Nesbit started to explain to Circuit Court Judge Bruce Waters on Monday.

“Let's not talk about the facts of the case,” Waters interjected, noting that any statement Nesbit made in court could be used against her. “You want to save that for your attorney.”

Nesbit has pleaded not guilty to the two counts of breach of peace stemming from the two incidents.

Waters revoked Nesbit's bond in the original case — because she allegedly disobeyed conditions requiring her to stay away from the neighbor and obey the law — and set her bail at $2,500 cash in the new one.

In ordering a mental evaluation, Waters said there’s reasonable cause to believe that Nesbit “has a mental illness or deficiency” that makes her unfit to proceed in the case.


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