Dec 7, 2015

Man jailed for stealing 3,840 rounds of ammo from Wal-Mart

Shoplifting nearly $2,000 worth of ammunition from Wal-Mart in 2013 has landed a Cody man in jail.

Brandon A. Bash, 32, is currently serving a 90-day sentence for a misdemeanor count of disposing of stolen property. After that, he'll serve five years of supervised probation for felony shoplifting.

Brandon Bash
As a part of a deferred prosecution agreement offered to the first-time offender, the shoplifting charge will be dismissed if Bash successfully completes the probation.

Charging documents say Bash stole four boxes of ammunition during three trips to the store on Dec. 19 and 20, 2013. Bash was working for Coca-Cola at the time, which meant he was often in Wal-Mart to stock Coca-Cola products.

An affidavit from Cody Police Detective Ron Parduba that was filed in support of the charges says Bash apparently pretended he had a receipt for the ammunition on at least one of the trips out of the store.

Bash stole two boxes that each contained 1,200 rounds of 9mm ammo and two boxes that each held 720 rounds of 5.56x45mm ammo. The four boxes had a total value of $1,944.

Bash was caught when he tried trading the stolen ammunition for guns.

At Wyoming Tactical Supply, the store's owner agreed to give Bash an AR-15 rifle and $215 in cash for three boxes of ammo on Dec. 19, Parduba wrote.

However, the Cody store owner became suspicious the following day, when Bash traded some more ammo — labeled with a Wal-Mart sticker — for a .22 caliber rifle, Parduba wrote. The tactical supply owner contacted Wal-Mart, learned the ammo had been stolen, and called Cody police.

Bash was sentenced by District Court Judge Steven Cranfill on Oct. 21. He began serving his jail sentence on Nov. 23.

In addition to repaying Wal-Mart for the ammo, Bash must also pay $293.98 to Wyoming Tactical Supply and $415 in court fines and fees.

Bash must obey the law, keep a full-time job and is subject to random searches while on probation. Whether he can possess firearms during that time will be up to his probation agent.


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