Feb 24, 2016

U.S. House candidate Cheney calls for fewer federal regulations

Wyoming’s only U.S. House seat is up for grabs and candidate Liz Cheney stopped by Park County last week for a meet and greet at the Irma Hotel in Cody on Thursday.

While in the area, Cheney spoke with local residents about their concerns.

“I’m dedicated to earning every vote and honored to be in this race and campaign and looking forward to seeing folks across the state,” Cheney said. “We need a representative in Wyoming willing to fight for our rights as a state and the Constitution and won’t back down. I would be honored to follow Cynthia (Lummis) in that task.”

Republican Congressional candidate Liz Cheney
Cheney traces her political career back to the late 1970s when she helped her father, Dick Cheney, with his campaigns across the state.

“A lot has changed, but the important things haven’t,” Cheney said. “We expect in Wyoming to take the measure of candidates personally and I am honored to campaign that way and talk to as many voters as possible.”

In her discussions, the top concern has been the economy and “the devastation of the last eight years” from federal policies impacting the agriculture and energy industries, she said. The Affordable Care Act and its impact was also a concern among the Wyomingites she’s encountered so far, she said.

“We want to get to a place where we can grow small businesses and get access to our resources,” Cheney said. “We have the ability in Wyoming to help the nation be energy independent without government regulations — we need a representative who will go to Washington (D.C.) to fight to reverse the course.”

Namely, she pointed to “ill-advised” policies from the Environmental Protection Agency, Bureau of Land Management and the federal government taking on roles they should not be taking, she said.
She credited Wyoming’s financial woes to federal policies preventing the state from utilizing its resources.

“There is a market downturn, but you want the federal government to do everything to help the industry survive the downturn,” Cheney said, noting that the President Barack Obama’s administration is creating policies that hinder Wyoming’s industries.

She said there should be reduced regulations on mineral extraction on federal lands and the moratorium on coal leases needs to be reserved. The public also needs to be educated on fossil fuels, she said.

“I think it starts at a philosophical level to have a president who understands reliable electricity and the role oil and gas play in that, and then it is an issue of regulation,” Cheney said. “We are good stewards and shepherds of the land and need the ability to have access to those resources and should be able to do it without the expense and arbitrary rules that grew out of out of control bureaucracy.”

“We are good stewards and shepherds of the land and need the ability to have access to those resources and shouldbe able to do it without the expense and arbitrary rules that grew out of out of control bureaucracy,” Cheney said.
Federal overreach also extends into the education field, she said.

“I believe in the Constitutional separation of powers,” Cheney said, noting that it does not grant educational authority to the federal level. “Too often, authority is being taken from parents and teachers and local communities.”

She said Common Core was an example of this and needs to be repealed so that education can be looked at on a local level.

Cheney, her husband and their five children moved to Wyoming in 2012. Their children are enrolled in public schools in Wilson, which is just outside of Jackson. She recently published a book, “Exceptional: Why the World Needs a Powerful America” with her father. Their book focuses on what’s been happening in Washington, D.C. since President Barack Obama went into office. She has also recently worked as a Fox News contributor.

She said her focus is on “restoring Wyoming’s freedom and power and authority to the state” by reducing the role of the federal government in areas of agriculture and energy development.

“I can lead on these issues and represent Wyoming’s interests and make sure we turn the corner from the damage felt in the last eight years,” Cheney said. “My campaign is about the future and what we will face in January (2017). We need someone with a strong voice who can bring national attention to issues in Wyoming and to educate people about the EPA and the ability to restore our rights at a moment when our rights are under threat.”

 ~By Matt Naber


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