Apr 21, 2016

County getting ‘Cadillac’ parking lot at courthouse

In improving the employee parking lot across from the Park County Courthouse, the county chose what one commissioner calls the “Cadillac option.”

On a 3-2 Tuesday vote, commissioners decided to repave, reshape and expand the lot at an estimated cost of about $134,500.

The project will do three things:

• Replace the existing pavement, which has become uneven and potholed.
• Reshape the bulbous “islands” that divide the existing lot, making it easier to plow.
• Pave a dirt/gravel portion of the lot to add 20 large parking spaces

Commissioners all agreed the dilapidated lot needs to be fixed, but differed on whether to add the extra paved spots.

“I think we should get that done while we’ve got the money,” said Commissioner Bucky Hall. He joined with Commissioners Loren Grosskopf and tiebreaker Tim French in voting for complete reconstruction.

The dirt/gravel part of the employee parking lot (in the foreground) will be turned into pavement.
The county had budgeted $100,000 for the project this year.

Commissioner Joe Tilden wanted to stick closer to that figure, lobbying to leave the gravel portion of the lot as gravel. That option, also favored by Commissioner Lee Livingston, had an estimated cost of around $104,300.

“We’re trying to watch our pennies and pinch pennies whenever we can and ... I don’t want to do a bad job, but I don’t think we need to go overboard,” Tilden said.

He noted that, earlier in the day, the commission had refused to pay an extra $570 in salary for Park County’s new 4-H educator.

“Come on, guys,” Tilden said, calling the full reconstruction the “Cadillac option.”

Grosskopf, however, said the extra cost should be offset by how much easier it will be to plow an entirely paved lot.

Park County will soon reconstruct this employee parking lot, south of the courthouse.
The county’s public works office had offered five different designs for the commissioners’ consideration that ranged from a bare minimum, $82,375 option up to the complete reconstruction. The actual cost of the work will depend on what contractors bid.

Hall had suggested the county start a community garden on the now-gravel part of the lot last year, but a majority of the commission wanted it to become parking.


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