Aug 5, 2016

Cody child runs lemonade stand to help fire victims

If there's been a silver lining about the Whit Fire west of town, it may be the emerging stories about locals who have stepped up to help and support those impacted by the fire.

Not far from the doors of a Thursday meeting about the status of the Whit Fire, a young Cody boy was selling lemonade and his own homemade cookies to raise money for those impacted by the blaze.

Gonzalo Anzurez, “really wanted to go help with the fire” on Wednesday, explained his mother, Cyndi Anzurez, adding, “He was concerned about the people and their homes and their beds.”

After being told that he'd need to leave the firefighting to the professionals, Gonzalo’s response was, “Well, I can sell lemonade and give the money to the people that lost all their stuff.”

Gonzalo Anzurez poses for a photo with his lemonade stand outside Livingston Elementary School. Cody News Co. photo by Tessa Schweigert
Cyndi Anzurez said the original plan was to open the stand on Sunday, but “that was not soon enough” for Gonzalo.

In his remarks at the meeting, Cody Fire Marshal Sam Wilde specifically mentioned Gonzalo’s stand as an example of the community support that's been expressed.

“If that doesn’t touch you, I don’t know what will,” Wilde said.

He described the support for the Cody Volunteer Fire Department as “just amazing” — from the citizens who’ve donated water, Gatorade, granola and other items to the support of firefighters’ employers, wives and families.

That was a common theme among the various fire managers who spoke at Thursday’s public briefing, as they each took time to express thanks for the outpouring of support.

“It's made me incredibly proud to be a member of the Cody community,” said Delissa Minnick, the Bureau of Land Management's Cody Field Manager.

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